Well, a lot of tutorial them text use similar text effects to this retro 3D effect that you will learn how to recreate.
Create a 3D Ice Text Effect With Modo and Photoshop.
Step 4 Next, we are going to create the effect materials used.
Elegant, Glassy, 3D Typography This tutorial will teach you the process of generating classy, elegant text and glassy 3D typography with tutorial the help of Photoshop and Illustrator.Step 2, with the text layer selected, go to 3D New Extrusion from Selected Layer.For more interesting effect Photoshop techniques, photoshop be sure to check out our list of the best free photo editing tutorials.3D Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials.Glossy Emblem Text Effects.You will only need Photoshop CS6 Extended.How to Make Translucent 3D Text.We start with beginner difficulty, and quick length text effect guide on how to produce text effect that resembles snake skin.(Click the arrow icons to the left to expand/collapse the 3D objects lists.) Step 9 Select the new layers name photoshop in the 3D panel to modify the materials Settings.Although less emphasized in web design, text effects play a big role in the experience we have with media-type content. (This option doesnt exist in CS5, where the tutorial text layer is game rasterized before effect effect life its converted to a 3D layer, hence, it cant be modified.) The four icons at the top of the Properties panel photoshop are like mini tabs for different properties.
Creating Retro Folded Typography Using Photoshop.The Sugar Bag Effect.This cookie-effect will be easy to accomplish, and is provided by the amazing guys at PSDchat.Then plugin you will need to explore this tutorial on how to use the displacement map tool to conform a piece of text on top of a background surface.Step 3 Moving the different elements inside the 3D scene is much much easier text in CS6.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a 3D text in just few steps.
Under Bevel, 3d text effect photoshop cs3 tutorial change the Width to 33 and the Angle.
The end result: the word grease with a stunning retro effect on top of a blurred car background.