It lets you best add Static Items and Submenu Items to manage static and dynamic file objects context menus, respectively.
This menu gives you added functionality by offering you actions you can take with the item.
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Our list of Best Context context Menu Editors would be context incomplete without this great tool.Right Click Context Menu Adder Another wonderful Windows 10 context menu editor- Right Click Context Menu Adder is editor highly customizable software, that works without any glitches.While they can be useful, the problem is that even when you uninstall the programs, they fail to remove the respective context menu item, making the menu slow and appear cluttered.Read More directly, but we dont recommend this.Context Menu Handlers : Here, you can see the list of various windows context menu options (with friendly name, internal name, and code module ) which you can enable or disable.Launch CCleaner and click the Check for Updates link at the bottom of its window to check that you have the latest version.Some items in this list may have the same name as the context menu entry itself, while some are named after editor the program the context menu is associated with.(Go on, feel free menu to try it well wait.) If there is, you should remove some context menu entries to speed things.Easy Context Menu, right Click Enhancer is a free context menu editor for Windows.Its also not possible to easily disable a context menu entry, only delete them so youd have to back up each key before deleting it if you wanted to restore it later. Context Menu Editor, its a nifty app carrie which brings a handy bunch of improvements for your right-click menus. .
This article grammar lists best free context menu editor software for Windows.
Windows right-click menu but to your Drive, Hidden Menu other files/folders as well.
Did you reader catch any context menu entries slowing your computer down, or did you just tidy up a cluttered context menu?They have been developed for Windows 7 but may work on Windows 10 too.Fast Explorer is another context menu editor with simple interface.Also, remember that the tool requires administrative privileges to run!ContextEdit ContextEdit is one of the oldest yet the finest context menu editor for Windows 10 that lets you edit right click context menu with ease.With just a single click you can remove context menu items password as well.It supports carrie English and French languages only.1) Some of our following freeware will help you edit the right-click context menu easily.You can use this excellent tool either for clearing the clutter or cast more options in game right-click menu for handling your files folders.Find the one for you in the coming list.Home Page Download Page Fast Explorer Fast Explorer is another alternative for a context menu customizer.If you are afraid to upgrade from Vista or XP because you feel it is completely different to what you are used to, you should read this new guide.Administrator privileges, for them to function correctly.Apart from English, it lets you change interface language to Chinese, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, context Russian, etc.

2) ContextEdit will allow you to easily control the items that appear on your context menu of Windows File Explorer.
The best context menu editor windows 7 softwares UI covers almost your full screen.
It lets you easily add/remove various commands to/from context menu as per your preferences.