To remove the snmp power supply: Step 1 Place the access server so that the rear panel snmp is facing you.
Cisco highly recommends that you use both power cords whenever possible.Figure 10 Disconnecting the Fan Cable Step 9 Remove the next fan and disconnect its cable.The chassis cover side tabs on both sides fit inside the chassis side panels so that they are power not exposed.Posted: Sun power Jan 19 00:19:ll contents are Copyright Cisco Systems, Inc.For systems without a power switch, line voltages are present within the power supply when the power cord is connected.Read the installation instructions before you connect the system to its power source.It occurs when electronic printed snmp circuit cards are improperly handled cisco and can result in complete snmp or intermittent failures.To reduce the risk of electric shock, disconnect the two power supply cords before servicing the unit.Step 6 Reconnect the two 2-pin fan cables to the remaining fan, as shown in Figure. Required Tools and Equipment Both the AC and DC redundant bold power supply baskerville kits include the following; A redundant power supply Power ratings labels To remove or install the power supplies, you will also need the following tools and equipment (which are not included Cisco AS5300 access.
Line con 0 transport input none line aux 0 line vty 0 4 login!Note You can order a Y-connector (CAB-AC-Y) to corolla plug into both power connectors in the redundant power supply.Figure 15 Reconnecting project the Power Cables to the Backplane Step netplay 4 Route the fan cables exactly as shown in Figure.In fact, we officially disclaim games all liability.Send, cancel * Reseller Account Number, required information * End User Company Name, required information * Reseller Contact Name.Are you sure you want to remove bid pricing for this item?Make sure you orient the fan so that the cables feed to the right (toward the second fan).Attention Ce symbole d'avertissement indique un danger.If no wrist strap is available, ground yourself by touching the metal part of the chassis.Step 2 Remove angry the three mounting screws that secure the power supply to the chassis and set them aside.4 5300(config snmp-server host IP address community string 5300(config Configure the Cisco AS5300 to send snmp traps to the configured IP address, bangla and the defined the community string, in the snmp trap.Turn OFF power to the system.Vous vous trouvez dans une situation pouvant causer des blessures ou des dommages corporels.