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(Custom maps and Cars can be loaded on forum).
drift You can play with japan up to 32 friends!You can make FWD car to RWD!Realistic Engine Power Realtime Graphs.Drive the drift Large game Japan game Highway game with traffic!High japan quality car's cockpits.Official Forum: m performance Tuning: Engine Pistions, Exhaust, Turbocharging, NOS, etc. Guide to graphics setup Steering Wheels -, maps Modding How To: Custom maps location: Game Folder/Drift Streets.mtl textures.mtl file is necessary!
Online mode up to 600 players!
Added Sideways Grip Adjustment!
You corel can drift, race or drag with your car!Added SteerLock Adjustment (min 0 hercules max 60!(fwd, awd, rwd) (F/R -!Feel the Real experience, game try to drift with car cockpit camera!custom maps are available at forum: compress p, view all, what Curators Say 35 Curators have reviewed this product.Now you can create your own physics!Added Forward Grip Adjustment!Damage System (F - Repair car).About This Game, drift streets: japan, racing lipnotista Game about Illegal windows Night Street Racing!Textures need to be in same directory with.obj.Nice draw Cars and Advanced Engine Tuning!About THE game, racing Game about Illegal Night Street Racing!Most Realistic and Best Physics!Supported up to 65000 vertices models only!

Set up your favorite physics!
"A Case for and Against Electric Cars".
"Antivirus Research and Detection Techniques".