A Journeys Catalyst : T rophy Type : Silver, official Description : "View 'Eternal Calm personal Elaboration : Its a plot cutscene - youll get there!
March 18th, 2014, square Enix released their remastered remake of Final Fantasy X along with a remaster of its sequel final and bonus content entitled.
After that, youll need to get the airship before you can do it again.
final PlayStation 2 in 2001.1819 Completion : Trophy Type : Platinum Official fantasy guide Description : "Obtain all available guide trophies" Personal Elaboration : If you want to get technical about it, it implies all other available trophies.Single-hit OVerdrives should work, though, such as Tiduss Spiral Cut.Chocobo final Master, guide get 5 treasure fantasy chests during the Chocobo race at Remiem Temple and win the race.A Talent for Acquisition : Trophy Type : Bronze, official Description: "Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times".This section is a stub.1832 The Eternal Calm: Trophy Type : Bronze Official Description : "Defeat Yu Yevon" Personal Elaboration : Essentially finish the games plot and beat the final boss.Whether multi-hit attacks (such as Blitz Ace and Attack Reels) work is unknown to me: like, for example, nine attacks hitting for 12,000 damage summing to 108,000.If you simply need a strategy, see Penance. The remaster edition's North American, pS Vita advertisement.
1814 Teamwork!: Trophy Type : Bronze Official Description : "Win a blitzball internet match" Personal Elaboration : See the Blitzball talking section for details.
1824 Master Linguist : Trophy Type : Gold Official Description : "Find all 26 Al Bhed gratis Primers" Personal Elaboration : See the Al Bhed Guide for some help on this.
Note that Final Fantasy space X-2 has its own set of server Trophies: List of Final Fantasy X-2 Trophies.This page collects the, filter final Fantasy X Trophies, added for the HD Remaster version of Final Fantasy X on PlayStation forge 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.Trophy Type : Bronze Official Description: "Win a blitzball tournament" Personal Elaboration : See the Blitzball section for details.Artwork edit, north American PS3 Collector's Edition cover.Its a lot easier than having to fully upgrade them, trust.Personal Elaboration : Nothing but a grinding thing.The path remaster edition's Japanese PS Vita box.Chocobo License : Trophy Type : Bronze, official Description : "Pass all chocobo training personal Elaboration : Spekaing about the Chocobo Trainer in the Calm Lands.Table of Contents Appendices Retrieved from " ".

Finally, the Magus Sisters will be the last you get; read the Remiem Temple (in full) section final fantasy x hd guide for more on that.
So many Chocobo races.