It hits all the key family car requirements: focus its comfortable, spacious and well equipped.
Vauxhall Astra or Golf).
Volkswagen Golf ; opting for the.0-litre engine means the Focus comes zetec equipped with traditional review torsion-beam focus rear suspension.In Titanium X trim and finished in Chrome Blue (a 525 option) its a rather dowdy-looking thing, particularly on small zetec 17-inch wheels, which get focus a bit lost under the curvy arches.The 100PS car spews a mere 109g/km, an exceptional figure for a petrol car of this size.The rear doors open wide, making it easy to get in and out of or to place a youngster into a child seat.Not only does the little engine help the.0 Focus Ecoboost deliver all the fuel economy and eco efficiency expected zetec of a much focus smaller car, it also manages the improbable task of delivering better performance than youd get with a much larger engine. So russia its frugal, but also fun, allowing you to owners take advantage of the excellent driving dynamics offered by the Focus brilliant chassis.
odyssey However the use of direct fuel injection and a ecoboost turbocharger means it isnt anywhere as lethargic as you may imagine.Low emissions and high zetec economy are the name of the game here.Its engine may be small, but it delivers surprisingly good performance.The active city stop owners feature, an optional extra, will even automatically patch apply the brakes if it detects youre about to crash.Emissions: 114g/km CO2, price: 17,945, star).Rev it at a set of traffic lights and it delivers a meaty thrum, the turbo whistling gleefully with every stab of the accelerator pedal.Consequently like Volkswagen with the Golf or, bMW with the 3 Series or, porsche with the 911 when it came to replacing the outgoing Fiesta with a new generation, Ford has opted not to drastically tamper with the formula.While the ride is largely smooth and controlled, it doesnt quite have the plushness.

The suspension is beautifully judged, offering focus zetec 1.0 125ps ecoboost review a compliant ride over speed bumps and broken road surfaces, while staying level through corners.
However, Fords engineers have pulled off a minor miracle.