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I am only expecting something which class resembles.(c) Students, parents, schools and employers have reasons to have no confidence on the scores which end up on marksheets.There's class an unexpected spike.Which explains the kind of sudden peak in the 50-55 region for these mathematics three subjects.Notice the increasing size of the spike mathematics at 95, which appears after 2008.In curves icse like those for Physics, Chemistry, Biology for the period there's one surprising peak around the 50-55 mark range.And here I draw attention to the statement made. The 2013 curve mathematics has multiple spikes.
The curves for Geography, History, Physical Education and Computer Science are pretty much in line with class what one would expect in a scoring distribution barring a few topological anomalies.I think I have put enough numbers and data into the public domain and this is my last post on class this topic for now.Some might jump on me and say, that it is extremely naive to apply the central limit theorem blindly and expect a perfect bell shaped Gaussian.It has been approximately two months since I wrote this blog: Exposing cbse and icse: Statistical Insights into the True Lies mathematics on your Marksheets.And, once again, there's a weird spike at the 95 mark, which starts to show up in the plots of icse scores from 2009 and later.I have a theory for the surprising rise though it is hard to be certain about the exact reason.There are rules for divisibility, which if know can help us a lot in division of large set of numbers and avoid lot of time wastage.His blog is no longer public but you can take a look at his cached post over here.We've discussed these strange scoring patterns enough for now.Each mark lost will result in a sudden, unexpected drop of percentile in the 90 zone.Why might this be the case?And the total of the barely-passed Theory score to the flying-colors Practical score works out to (2230).Administrators should stop behaving like bulls in china shops by tinkering around with marking patterns and completely randomizing our already broken and non-transparent education system.Today, I'd like to bring closure to the series of Data Analysis experiments which I have been conducting with the school leaving scores of high-school students in India, attained in their final assessment at the end of Class.

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I present graphs of cbse scores icse mathematics class 10 pdf in a number of subjects, for the past decade (ten years of examinations from ).