The Spirit Morph Saga series, Steven closes the book and sighs.
Throughout their attempt in creating a new ending, Connie keeps asking for what Steven wants whenever Steven asks her what she wants, as he intended it universe to be all for her.
Musical, mystery, sci-Fi, parents Guide: Add content open advisory for parents edit, details, release book Date: (USA).
The room doesn't obey her command, however, as the room only listens to what Steven wants.Written by sayd alvarez, plot Summary, add Synopsis.2, plot, after reading the last installment of the.They land near the costume shop where open Connie is calling out for Steven.Steven turns into a character in the book after explaining that the room can overload.Edit, storyline, after completing a series of novels, Steven and Connie wish to make their own ending thus opening Rose's room allowing Steven and Connie to create whatever they desire reality.Connie exits open the shop in her costume.Contents show, official Synopsis, steven and, connie want a new ending to a beloved book series, so Steven takes them into.See more company Credits, production Co: Cartoon universe Network steven Studios, Cartoon Network, see more show more.She then asks again what Steven wants. Trivia Ruby and book Sapphire appear in the promo art at ibrahimovic a table in a library with Pearl.
This gives Steven an idea.
After making some endings, Steven, once again, asks Connie what she thinks.Steven says that he agrees, and wishes that they zlatan could change the ending.He undoes the creations, but is auto unable to catalog un-summon the fake Connie, who says that he didn't want her to do what he wants.Steven finally gives in and admits he likes the book's ending, and the fake Cloud Connie evaporates.After a few moments, Steven says that he wants to see her.Steven asks for help, and Connie has a short fight disk with her, but the fake Connie seems to ignore her presence, still wanting to trap Steven.Gallery Click to view the gallery for Open Book.I want what you want, what you wantwantwantwant.Things go south when Steven has disagreements about the book ending and they comando both end up facing an enemy they both recognize.At the end, a drawing of Lisa and Archimicarus getting married is shown.Even though red was not catalog used in the drawing.Steven says that he's trying his hardest and asks Connie to not do what he wants.