tekkit texture packs

Forum post: Minecraft Forum, texture download: Original Texture Pack, tekkit Textures In order to packs properly use this tekkit pack, the original texture pack texture needs to be combined with the Tekkit Classic Addon.
Version.0: - Most of the textures should be done.
If you downloaded OptiFine, skip to step.
They need to be same size!(1GB1024MB) iissed something please LET packs ME know!You need it in tekkit order to use this addon pack.Open both zips and packs copy the contents of the Tekkit Lite addon pack into the PureBDCraft texture pack using an archiver ( 7zip or, winZip recommended).Q: Tekkit Lite crashes, just won't start or when I change the texture pack to Sphax it says: "Out of memory".Forum post: Minecraft Forum, download:., soartex Fanver Out of Date, resolution: 64x.See allocating more ram.Wnload either MCPatcher or, optiFine. VCwaceNmuhuY /video, thanks to password MrPhusionGaming for reader uploading how to install they optifine for tekkit lite!
R Optifine: Install OptiFine like any other mod By opening minecraft.Optifine is password preferred as it includes all of the features.For.5 for.4 ml?It would be nice if reader you added a link to this page version in videos you use this patch in!You need tekkit to patch the default Sphax texture pack with this addon pack and acrobat then you'll not get this error.Allocating more RAM Open techniclauncher and go to Options.